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Play it fuckin' loud.
(Bob Dylan, Nobel laureate)

September 9th: Monday eve at Riesa Efau

Stadtteilfest Friedrichstadt, 16:30

We support the festival of Dresdens lovely city district "Friedrichstadt". The location "Riesa Efau" is a cultural hot spot, where you will meet very nice people, good food, cold and fresh cans of beer and of course chilling music for your well beeing.

Friedrichstädter Stadtteilfest - riesa efau (

September 24th: NAF

Minimal Cafe&Bar, Rothenburger Str. 37, 18:00

Nice and cosy location presenting live music frequently. We recommend to arrive early due to limited space. Special offers like student discounts and happy hours available.

Programm – Neustadt Art Festival (

Minimal Café & Bar (@minimal_cafe_bar) • Instagram photos and videos

June 21th: Sommersonnenwende

Our fans meet us twice ;)

We have the chance to celebrate the sunshine together twice at the "fete de la musique":

Meet us at Radebeul at 5 pm:

Dorfanger gegenüber Kulturamt
Fête de la musique (


Join in ... Dresden at 8 pm:
Online-Buchung - Das Rackwitz ist jetzt auch dein Lieblingssofteis-Ort! (


LonA and Monday Eve

Zwei lokale Musiker - ein einzigartiger Abend

What could be more enjoyable than sharing the stage with such a smart and empathic musician like LonA?! Check it out on Friday 17th of March at "MORA", one of the most chilled places in the center of Dresden

LonA "about":

Authenticity and feeling.
Personal experiences and experiences.
Experiences through and from others.
Mindfulness over empathy.
Togetherness or opposites.
Awareness and metaphors.
Social criticism.
Opening eyes and ears - the heart of the people - and sensitize.


First single in 2023

The year 2023 starts with one of our favourite titles "Linden Tree"

July 6th: Private Birthday Party

Dresden / Pieschen

Musical decoration for the private birthday party of our friend. Always enjoying. 

You can book us for your private party or business event. Music brings sunshine to your live.

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